Our heavy industrial boilermaker company is composed of a team of highly experienced technicians and engineers who are able to provide a fine finish in the fabrication of metal structures for the most diverse segments of the market, always respecting the delivery deadlines previously agreed in signed contract for the industrial boilermaker service provided.

Industrial boilermaker services with a privileged infrastructure

The industrial boiler services that we carry out are always delivered within the agreed time, much due to our experience and qualification, but also because of our privileged location. Our heavy boiler company is located next to an airport, the BR-381 and the Vitória-Minas railroad, which gives us a big differential in relation to the delivery price of the fabrication of metallic structure. In addition, our headquarters has more than 40 thousand square meters, allowing us wide mobility in the services of industrial boiler for large pieces produced as manufacturers of metallic structures. That way, do not wait, come and pay us a visit and learn how our team of engineers can help you in your demand for industrial boilermaking services.