About our metal works company in Brazil

Vitaly is a boilermaker in Minas Gerais composed of a very experienced team that has worked in several companies from different industrial sectors and, in this way, have been able to create a new concept in terms of attracting customers online with fast and practical budgets. In addition, another of our differentials is the exemplary execution of the boiler projects in which we work for, always with a lot of focus on the deadlines and transparency in the presentation of the details throughout the process. Check out some of the clients who believe in our work and, therefore, have always requested us.

Heavy industrial boiler services already performed

With a team of experienced engineers, who have already worked with various metal frame manufacturers and heavy industrial boiler companies, we are sure to be able to provide boiler services or fabrication of metal structures for a wide range of industries. Check below, some photos of work done as a boiler company in Brazil for the most diverse types and sizes of customers, which are based in the most different points of the national territory.


Our mission is to offer industrial products, equipment and services that generate value for our customers, shareholders, employees and society in a sustainable manner.


To be the first choice of our customers, with recognition for the quality of our products and services, efficiency in management and good relationship with their stakeholders.


PROFITABILITY – We understand that profit is essential for the survival of the company, so we are committed to the return to shareholders.

QUALITY- The customer is the reason of our existence and meeting their needs is the minimum condition to keep us working.

TRUST IN PEOPLE – We believe that trust in internal and external partners is the key to a more agile and dynamic work, allowing the decentralization of decisions.

PROACTIVITY – The anticipation of problems and the focus on the solution is the engine of our actions.

ORGANIZATION – Organized management and work environment facilitate the identification of errors and ensure continuity of work between sectors.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – In both processes and production, any error, nonconformity or difficulty is a point of improvement and must be treated not to occur again.

MUTUAL RESPECT – All partners involved in the process, whether internal or external, should be treated with respect to their activity and opinion.

POSITIVITY – We understand that positive attitudes and joy in everyday life makes the environment more pleasant and improves communication between people.


Provide products of metal structures and boiler that meet the needs and requirements of each client, acting in a safe way to the employee, through defined and controlled processes that allow the identification of errors and implementation of changes aiming at the continuous improvement of processes.